Am I the Only One?

from CBD by Count Bass D



One two
It’s expensive to eat out the microwave
So hairy I can’t view your tattoos
Clear polite and patient, less cursing
Who’s Mr. Fantastik? Ask @gasdrawls

Do you ever notice how white ladies remember to lock their car right when I pass?
Am I the only one?
Do you ever notice how white children run back to their guardian after
wandering off into the aisle where I’m alone minding my business?
Am I the only one?

Wild imagined scenarios belong in a novel
Don’t waste deep thought
When you can see it from both sides write it that way
Most times he’s a future mass shooter
Federal decriminalization is a guarantee in 2020

Internet and DNA changed the world
A woman’s right to put a baby on the next nigga is ironclad and protected
She used to love Pringles now she tell me she gluten-free
Your beats ain’t got no drums and that’s cool
Be mindful of neglecting a ride or die 808
Record shoppers can relate
I don’t care how much you bob your head
I know when I hear a fat beat

One can stand next to but can’t expect to
I said all that to say everybody got something to say
All brains no bra on
In this life try to make sure nobody got to raise their voice to give you good advice


from CBD, released March 12, 2020


all rights reserved



Count Bass D

Count Bass began an extended and prolific release schedule in 2009 that includes his 2017 Snoop Dogg collaboration “Too Much Pressure,” praised by the New York Times for, “luscious, velvety, soothing, slow funk.”
After 25 years, Count Bass D is busier than ever, releasing the instrumental album Edibles in late 2019, the sequel Edibles 2 in early 2020, and his 10th vocal solo album CBD.
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